Bubblism: Soap. Water. Science. Magic.


      I wasn't always Big. In fact, I wasn't even always a Bubble. 
         I began as a simple, single soap film filled with love and carried off into the unknown by the gentle breeze of Life.  Bubbles represent much more to me, they are a source of endless intrigue and insight. 
        I've culminated my bubble-centric views of life, the world around us and beyond into what I call Bubblism.  There is much to be learned from the act and observance of making bubbles which positively impacts the individual and in turn, all humanity. 
       I believe soap could save the world.  I believe bubbles bring us together. 
If you'd like to hear more about Bubblism, have  a bubble related question, a question about a product/service or just want to send some bubbly greetings to one the following sources.  Be kind. Make bubbles.
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